Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Blog ideas

I planned to make a to-do list, or a Kanban board or something, but having it as a blog post provides an important advantage - an extra blog post. Plus, I can see it one place, and give the opportunity for my mom (who does not speak English) and my wife (who does not care about programming) to see what's hopefully coming.

  1. Schema-less graph databases
    How I got hooked, and how it changed my approach to design software.
  2. Algorithms - Dynamic Programming - Buy/Sell Stock I, II, III, IV, V, and VI.
    Great problem - it starts easy and gradually gets very complex, showing the power of dynamic programming. It's described in a few books and blog posts, and I think there is a value in bringing it all together and build more complex solutions on top of easier ones, like an elephant pyramid.
  3. NUTR 200
    I just finished this course in University of Washington, and I had few insights worth sharing, like why a fat-burning exercise has to be more than 20 minutes long.
  4. Programming interview from the other side
    I helped interviewing college and industry candidates for my company. I thought I'd describe my approach to evaluate candidates, and criteria we used to compare their performance.
  5. Programming Interview Pearls
    These algorithms are being asked during the interviews. They may seem easy, but they can get very deep. With many of them, there is often an 'aha' moment, leading to an elegant and simple solution. 
Upcoming posts and pages:

  1. Graph databases (Part 1 - 3)
  2. Programming Interview Pearls: Count Inversions
  3. Programming Interview Pearls: Count Inversions (Advanced) 
  4. Programming Interview Pearls: Count Inversions (Expert) 
  5. Smart Home: Schlage Connect Lock
  6. Interview Pearls: Count Inversions (Aha)
  7. Practical Nutrition: In and Out (not the burger chain)
  8. Practical Nutrition: Food Safety Quiz
  9. Interview Insights: 3 criteria 
  10. Interview Pearls: Swap sub-strings (AKA rotate array)
  11. Page: interview preparation references
  12. Interview Pearls: Buy/Sell Stock (I and II)
  13. Interview Pearls: Buy/Sell Stock (III and IV)
  14. Interview Pearls: Buy/Sell Stock (V and VI)
  15. Book: Rich Dad Poor Dad
  16. Book: Algorithms to Live By

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